Frequently Asked Questions

How can I book a flight ticket from the application?

Sindibad allows you to book flights to all destinations through both domestic and international airlines.

To book your flight ticket online, follow the steps below:

Open the application and enter the departure and destination cities. Then select the departure date. If you wish to book a round-trip ticket, you can also add the return date.

Choose the number of passengers and the travel class, then click on the search button. A list of available flights to your destination will appear.

On the search results page, you can view and compare prices from different airlines to your destination. You can use the sorting feature to filter flight deals based on  desired airline, prices, layovers, and more.

Select the most suitable flight and make sure to check the flight details, such as the departure date and time, baggage allowance, layovers, and more.

Afterwards, you will need to add passengers by entering their passport information. You have two options to do this. The first option is to use the passport scanning feature, which will scan the information and enter it automatically. The second option is to manually enter the passport information using the form, which requires entering details such as name, passport number, expiration date, and more.

After that, a page with the order details will appear, and you need to confirm the flight and passenger information. Make sure that all the mentioned information is correct.

You have reached the final step, which is selecting the payment method. You can choose to pay online through Zain Cash, Mastercard, Visa Card, or other options. Alternatively, you can choose to pay in cash at our company's office or use the Sindicash service to get the payment done through our cash-on-delivery without any additional fees, available only in Baghdad.

After completing the payment process and issuing the ticket, you will be able to view and download the ticket from the "My Trips" section of the application interface.

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How can I see the best prices for specific dates?

You can view the best prices by selecting your destination and travel dates. After that, a list will appear containing the prices of all airlines to your destination, arranged automatically from the lowest to the highest price.

Additionally, you can use sorting option to sort the displayed results by the lowest price and choose the desired deal.

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What are the working hours of Sindibad?

Our office is open to valued customers from 9 AM to 12 midnight every day of the week, including official holidays. We eagerly await the opportunity to meet and serve you. However, you can book your flight, hotel, and any other travel services through Sindibad app or contact us on WhatsApp at any time.

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How do I get and download my ticket after successful reservation?

After booking your flight, you will receive a text message on your phone number confirming the successful booking along with a link to download the ticket.

You can also go to the "My Trips" section within the application to view the ticket details and download it.

Remember, you can access all your current and previous bookings, whether canceled or confirmed, from the "My Trips" section.

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How can I pay and what are your available payment methods?

After selecting a specific flight or hotel on the application, you will need to complete the payment process to get your ticket.

We offer three different payment methods, and you can choose the one that suits you:

Online Payment: You can pay online using Zain Cash, MasterCard, Visa Card, and other online payment methods. The payment is exclusively in Iraqi Dinar.
You can choose one of the available payment gateways such as Areeba, Zain Cash, and others, and then enter the card information, such as the number, expiration date, and payment.

Cash Payment at the Office: You can pay in cash at our company's office in Baghdad. You can select this option and pay in either Iraqi Dinar or US Dollar, according to your preference.

Cash Payment at your location through Sindicash service: Sindicash is our cash-on-delivery service in Baghdad, where you can easily pay in cash at your place of residence or work.  You can pay in either Iraqi Dinar or US Dollar, according t your preference. To use this method, you simply need to specify your desired address on the map by adding a new address and selecting the geographical location from the  map money then. After that, you can provide the name of the person who will make the payment, along with the phone number and exact address.

Once the payment is completed, the final ticket will be issued on the application, and you can directly view and download the ticket from the "My Trips" section of the homepage.

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How can I register and log in to the Sindibad app?

You can log in by entering your phone number and receiving the login code via WhatsApp or text message.

Registration in the application allows you to search for flights, make bookings, easily access all offers and services, and view and download your reserved tickets. Log in to the application and enjoy all the features.

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